Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The sea of orange, team fun & team success

What a night! Capturing the intensity of finals in collegiate swimming is tough with just words and pictures. Lost is the deafening excitement and the hair-raising adrenaline. All this was in effect Saturday night at the Northwest Invite as our swimmers moved up places on nearly all their swims. Lee and Matt moved from 4th and 6th seeds in their consol final to finish 1-2. No more than fifteen minutes later Catherine and Kaitlin went 1-2 in their consol before watching Annie take second in the 100 Backstroke final.

The sea of orange was in action again on the pool deck as our kids cheered, danced, and hollered their teammates through big swim after big swim. Lindsay completed her sweep of the Medleys with her strong victory in the 400 IM. Watching our team cheering during races at the end of the pool, surrounding the block and spilling out behind other lanes took me back to my own college swimming days and the way a team can get you through the big races.

Catherine offered to get us home quickly by driving the tour bus. Her offer was declined, but she still got this nifty photo.

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