Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A great week in sports

The Tour de France for breakfast is a great way to start a summer day. Maybe you’ve caught the cycling excitement for the first time or maybe you've rooted for years. Are you a Team Astana fan? Can Lance come back? Can he make it on the podium? Most of us should have learned not to count him out too early. Maybe you’re a fan of the green jersey race for the sprinters… These last few mountain stages have been ugly, with the little green jersey decal on the TV screen shown as “dropped” off the back of the peloton as the best climbers tear the field apart.

As if premiere cycle racing were not enough, I just got back from the Sectional Championship across town out at Mt. Hood. It’s a hot week here and today is a beautiful day for fast swimming! We’re lucky to see such big meets coming to Portland throughout the year since kids from much of the western US make the trip each season. Good luck to competitors at this and other Section meets this week!

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Sarit said...

I love Lance AND I was at Sectionals today too!