Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Team Welcome BBQ and then down to the business of education

Sunday the team threw its annual welcome barbecue to bring everyone together for the first time this school year. Arms linked in a circle, important details were shared like names and hometowns, favorite events and favorite kinds of chairs. Hammocks, recliners, and beanbag chairs led the way, showing our swimmers know what they want when it comes to the business of sitting.

Monday rolled in this week and our student-athletes arose from those favorite chairs and jumped into the fall term. About fourteen swimmers descended on J.R. Howard Hall for a study session on the first night of the school year. One rookie surprised me by saying later, “That was great, we need to have more of those!” There were pairs working on French and on German. Some diving into reading assignments and you can see Matt, the team’s resident engineer, working an equation that covers the entire white board.

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