Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family time with Pio Swimming

Each year on winter training we find ourselves treated to the magnificent hospitality of our swimmers’ families. Friday evening we descended on Shuichi’s family home where his parents generously stuffed us with carne asada, Korean barbecue, teriyaki chicken, homemade vegetable soup and more delicious fare.

With the possible exception of bunny rabbits, no one loves carrots and celery more than Josh Spegman.

Pio Swimming and the Matsumoto family after dinner

Shu’s little brother treated us to a piano performance and a classical piano tutorial.

Saturday after morning workout Kim’s mom delivered to the pool an array of spectacular donuts with milk and orange juice. Her second annual donut-laden visit to our Winter Training and just as well-received as last year! Swimmers and their coaches work so hard, it’s nice to for our hard to work be recognized with donuts.

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