Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Living the Dream: Pio Swimming goes to the Championship

This is it! Pioneer Swimming leaves Thursday afternoon for the Conference Championship. Our season has been full of energy and passion, hard work and so much love. Every year at this time I marvel at how distant last August seems when our freshmen arrived to campus and also how quickly time has passed.

We have gotten to this point with the help and hard work of so many people. Our athletes have challenged each other, honed in on their goals, and had a blast getting to this point. The coaches have spent long hours crafting line-ups and workouts, rooting for our swimmers, and trying to create every possible advantage for our team.
Our athletic training staff helps keep our athletes healthy while our academic support folks give our kids the tools and support they need to succeed in their classes. We saw swimmers make the Dean’s List and others write their senior theses. Teammates studied abroad on two other continents and returned in time for Winter Training to see us through to the Championship meet. We caught rays, grew strong, swam fast and became so close.

Now we take this team we’ve built proudly forward. Check back this weekend because big things are ahead.

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