Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Funniest campus sighting of the day

I just returned from an innocent stroll to Watzek Library to pick up an inter-library loan. Little did I know I’d be treated to a live show. As the student employee scanned my book for check-out, in walked a muscle bound man in tight T-shirt and long hair of the professional wrestling persuasion (think pay-per-view, not Greco-Roman). He wore a guitar and carried flowers and a mylar “Happy Birthday” balloon.

Needless to say, I stuck around to see what transpired.

Someone named Eileen was summoned from the depths of the library and the muscular gentleman presented her with flowers and a balloon from her husband for her 40th birthday. And a song: “Light My Fire”

By the second verse, most of the library had come to the lobby to check out the commotion (Watzek could generally be described as subdued). Students and employees lined doorways and the second-floor landing in time to join the serenade for a heartfelt “Happy Birthday.”

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