Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pioneer Swimmers Abroad: Rachel in Chile

Junior swimmer Rachel Wolf is gone but not forgotten this semester as she studies abroad in Chile. She left a month ago and is already having a spectacular experience.

Some of Rachel’s thoughts:

“After nearly a month in the vibrant city of Valpara√≠so I think I am finally able to carry on a decent conversation with my all-too-limited vocabulary. It kills me that I can't make witty and sarcastic comments in Spanish, so I am making a point of learning as much as fast as I can so the Chileans will see the other side of my personality too (can't you just imagine - Spanish sarcasm will be awesome!).”

For those of us who’ve come to know and love Rachel, you will understand what the Chileans are in for once she has full command of the language.

Rachel is enjoying learning Chilean history and literature in her classes, as well as some grammar and physics. Rachel has also given her host family the gift of her exceptional baking, a joy we will be without stateside until her return this winter. Her peanut butter chocolate chip cookies were apparently a huge hit at dinner last week.

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