Monday, February 7, 2011

Pioneer Happenings....

February is only a week old and already it’s been a busy month. Monday of a new week gives us a moment’s pause to reflect on what we’ve accomplished so far in the new year.

  • Zoo Day! The Oregon Zoo was free on MLK day and several swimmers (and one coach) took the chance to roam with the animals. Rachel and Kayla found themselves part of an exhibit.

  • Talent Show—We knew our team was high on talent, but the annual Talent Show allowed us to see the heights and depths of those talents. From baking to balancing, card tricks to Rubik’s cube, and music videos galore, this year set the bar high for all future talent shows.

  • Last week against Willamette, senior and team captain Matt Yelin completed his around-the-world circuit of every collegiate individual event. (Hence the “14” he is hoisting post-race.) Matt saved the best (some would say) for last as he completed the 200 Butterfly.

  • In our dual meet with Pacific on Saturday both our women and men swept the 50 freestyle 1st-2nd-3rd. Sweeps have been oft-occurring this season for both squads, a sure sign of depth across the meet line-up!

  • Smoothie Day (this morning) is a mostly annual tradition where the sounds of blending fruits and juices fill the air and delicious tropical aromas permeate the pool.

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