Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mid-point at the Northwest Conference Championship

It’s championship swim time folks!  The Pioneers are halfway through the Northwest Conference Championship in Federal Way, Washington.  

Some observations from the coaches on our meet so far:

  1. The Pioneers are swimming FAST!  We’re on fire and racking up many lifetime best swims.
  2. The Northwest Conference is the best it’s ever been.  Not only in terms of top-end speed, but certainly including depth, as well.  Times that would have scored major points a couple years  ago aren’t even making a second swim this year.  The stakes are high for prelim races. 
  3. Even with those high stakes, the Pios are up to the challenge.  Trevor broke the men’s 500 school record in the morning yesterday, only to lower it again at night and move up the 5th in the Conference.  Today both 100 Breaststroke records fell in prelims, going to Ali Brauer and Tyler Moody (Tyler has reset his mark three times now on the season and goes into tonight seeded 3rd overall).  We’ve never seen this many team records fall on morning swims and we look so good going into tonight.  Caz came out of the 50 in 3rd last night and tonight she swims the 100 Back from the 2nd seed. 
  4. Our success is not limited to a handful of people.  Our women took down the 400 medley relay record last night and the men posted and L&C 2nd best time.  From Libby’s 20-second drop in her 500 to Becca’s near 2-second PR in the 50 to dip into the 26’s.  From Hannah’s first trip into the 24’s or Ali & Katy both going 2:13 in the IM.  From Luke, River and Hunter’s great 50s yesterday or River and Seth’s 100 Backstrokes this morning, we are certainly on track.  Almost too many great swims to count!
  5. We’re doing our best work as a TEAM.  It’s great to watch the “sea of orange” at the end of the pool behind our swimmer’s blocks.  The load is lightened when we lift one another up.  This is something we do well!

With Finals tonight and another strong day of racing tomorrow, we have both a busy road ahead and the chance to make the most of many more great opportunities.  Go Pios!

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