Thursday, May 23, 2013

Passages to Growth: Seniors Turn Graduates!

One of the nicest Aprils and early Mays on record gave way last week to skies pregnant with rain and an ominous forecast for Commencement Day.  Spirits were not dampened, nor were the families and friends of our graduates as they gathered in Pamplin Sports Center last Saturday afternoon.

Four fast years have come and gone in a flash as we send another amazing class of seniors into the next stages of their young-but-accomplished lives.  I remember each of our six swimmers at the beginning of their freshman year, the beginning of their journey at Lewis & Clark.  They have gained confidence and grown as citizens.  They have accomplished much through the breadth of their education and the depths of their interests.

The “Pioneer”-ing metaphor may be tired, but that won’t stop me from using it.  We have been privileged to see this group carve their way through college and create their own maps—passages adorned with growth, experience, friendship, learning, and countless contributions to our swimming program and our campus.

As Evan, Rachel, Caz, Hannah, Gail, and Josh each walked across the stage and collected a padded portfolio, they joined a long history of L&C alumni before them who made their own versions of that walk.  Mere days after that exciting afternoon, some of our grads have packed up, picked up, and moved to new cities while others begin their graduated lives in Portland.  

From both near and far, we will follow them, cheer them, support them.  As they have done for one another and for their teammates these past several years.

Congratulations graduates!

President Glassner


Stage shots from the ceremony video feed:

 Ready to "dive" into the next chapter of their lives.........

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Gretchen said...

Congratulations to all senior swimmers! Thank you, once again, to the phenomenal coaching staff. Evan had a great 4 years at L & C and the swim team family had a lot to do with his success and happiness. Best of luck to all current and future swimmers! The Damons