Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Three Days Out, Focusing In

The last early morning workout is history and the sets are getting shorter.  Quality remains high as the quantity decreases.  This team looks ready.

It’s that time of year where the days fly past and there is a bit more energy in the air.  Championship week!

We have had some great workouts the past few weeks, but this afternoon we really reached a tipping point where a lot of swimmers were looking GOOD!
Between coaches, we can’t stop bringing up individual swimmers we’re looking forward to seeing race this week.  By the time we get to the meet, we will have pretty much covered everyone. 

A swim team in the run-up to a championship has many moving pieces.  Our swimmers are still—as always—engaged and passionate students.  They’ve been laying the groundwork for weeks to be able to rest and focus in on fast swimming this week. 

Labs don’t cease, nor exams.  Several of our swimmers will take exams at our hotel on Friday, proctored by their faithful coach.  I have been impressed with the great communication I have had with faculty in recent days as we prepare for our short time out of town.  They’ve been agreeable and supportive of their students who are traveling to represent the College in intercollegiate competition.

Knowing we are prepared and believing in the power of the team meet give us a lot of confidence.  The energy I’ve seen during training raises us even higher.  We’re looking at fast races for the Pioneers!

Having gone through the run-up to a Conference Championship nearly a dozen times as a college coach and four more as a swimmer, I always love the way swimmers come together and revel in the energy of fast racing.  Nothing is better than a big meet with teammates you have pushed your limits with all season.  They supported you, lifted you up, drove you to be better, and inspired you with their own commitment. 

The journey of a season includes millions of strokes.  More importantly, this journey includes some of the most meaningful experiences of a student-athlete’s life.  The Northwest Conference Championship is not merely a goal, but a showcase for everything our team has done right this season. 

At its core, the Championship is a celebration.   

Roll Pios!

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