Friday, September 26, 2008

Swim Lab Time

Friday mornings we break into stroke groups arriving at different times to focus in on specialties. More space and great technical exploration! I was really happy with our work this morning and the attention everyone gave to the drills and skills. I was inspired to send an email to the team afterward thanking them and highlighting some key points to take forward from our work this morning:

Freestylers/Backstrokers: Rotation is power. Rotation is healthy swimming. Make each arm a strong anchor so each stroke counts. Free/Back drills are kicking drills!

Butterflyers: Remember, the rhythm controls the stroke. Butterfly is finesse as much as it is power. Keep your rhythm to keep your speed.

Breaststrokers: Know you’ve made it back to your platform quickly so the hips follow the torso in line. Take your pullout speed into fast breaststroke swimming.

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