Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swim Season is here! (and armed men in dark shades)

It begins! Training is upon us and the energy is amazing. I didn't fully realize the void of the off-season until we started a new year this week. Writing workouts and walking the pool deck beside our athletes is the best thing I get to do each day. It’s been a great week because of the excitement our swimmers bring to the pool and the exuberance with which they approach training. We’re having fun!

Today campus is crawling with secret service, K-9 units, and all manner of chauffeurs. As I write this, Sandra Day O’Connor is speaking next door in the gym at an event for our law school. Howard Dean was here last week so the movers and shakers are certainly rolling through early this school year. Who will be next?

I'm thinking of asking for my own security detail. Dark sunglasses, ear piece, waterproof loafers for the pool deck... the works.

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