Friday, January 23, 2009

Bread & Butter, Anaerobic Capacity, and Patriotism

It's really been quite a week since our return from California. Last Friday we boarded the bus for our long eastern Washington double. Friday night at Whitman some of the guys agreed (were talked into) singing the national anthem. After some quick practice out of the way, they gave a rousing performance. You can almost tell that the woman behind them in the video has never heard anything more beautiful. Nor had I. (This photo will have to take the place of the video until I can convince Blogger to upload the 100+ MB video...)

A mere hour after that verbal performance Lee Taylor--pictured center in the snazzy shorts--swam to a lifetime best performance in the 100 Breaststroke and moved into Top-10 all-time for L&C, bumping off a gentleman from 26 years ago.

After some great winter training, team fitness is up, as well as team morale. On Wednesday we swam a great workout including several rounds of sprint 50s from a push on 1:30. I saw max effort, quality finishes, and fast swims. After our training, Susie and Kaitlin served homemade bread with an herbed butter and a cranberry butter (all delicious) as a presentation of their "talent" leading up to the annual talent show tomorrow.

Last two home meets this weekend and tomorrow is Senior Day!

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