Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gold Medal moments of August

If there was ever any doubt about the value of a good finish, surely we've learned our lesson. The Lezak freestyle relay anchor leg and Phelps' 100 Fly were tight enough to knock a person off his couch in anticipation. I was reminded of the finger tip margins in great 50 Free duels between Tom Jager and Matt Biondi, the great American heroes of my swimming youth.

The pundits and journalists deign to call this the best Olympics ever and, as a swim coach and swimmer, it's hard not to agree. As I watch the U.S. women win the mile relay on the track, I am sad to see the competition drawing soon to a close, but I have to say I welcome the end of my sleep deprivation.

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Mike said...

While we can't claim him as an undergraduate alum, Matt Biondi got his masters degree in teaching from LC.
Mike Sexton, Dean of Admissions